ASP for Next Commands syntax

We can fix the number of looping across a code block to be done by using for next looping. This is one of the common scripting commands used in different languages. PHP for loop is here. Let us start with the basic syntax of for next loop.

For count_start to count_end  step 1
Script block
count_start is the variable stores the initial value of the count, count_end is the final value of the loop and the value of count_start increases by the value of step. Default value of Step is 1. Here is a simple code to display number 1 to 10 by For Next loop.

Dim i
For i=1 to 10
Response.Write i & "<br>"
The code above will print number 1 to 10. We can modify the code by adding a step value of 3 like this.

Dim i
For i=1 to 10 step 2
Response.Write i & "<br>"
The output of the above code is 1 3 5 7 9 with line breaks after end of every number.

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very helpful


for i = 0 to nood
ddt =(DateAdd("d",i,fromdate))
response.write day(ddt) &"-" & mid(monthname(month(ddt)),1,3)&"-"&Year(ddt) & "<bR>"

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