Session Time Out or duration of active session in ASP

As the session variables are stored at server side we can't keep them for ever. Then how long we can keep the session variables at our server end ? It depends on how frequently or how long the user is interacting with the server. If the interacting period is going on then server has to keep the session variables active but if the user is not active then it will remove the session variables.

The duration within which the visitor must interact with server to keep the session live is 20 minutes by default. But this duration can be changed at script end by this command.

Session.Timeout = 10

The above line will fix the interval for 10 minute and within this time the visitor has to interact with the server to keep the session live. So inside our script we can manage the session time as per our requirement. We can display the session timeout value like this.

Response.Write "Your session will timeout after " & Session.Timeout & " Minutes"

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