Date and time Functions in MSSQL query

There are various functions available in MSSQL database to handle date and time. We can perform date and time calculations through SQL and display the result. There are many date functions for data handling and we will discuss here with some examples. These functions can be combined with various other functions of ASP to develop powerful scripts.

DateAdd: Adding data to DateTime field

We can add data to DateTime field of MSSQL database by using Query or by using default constraint to the table. We can add future date also.

Date Format

We can format date and time to store them in MSSQL database. Before adding we can check the format also.

Parts of the Date

Getting different day parts like Year, Month, day etc from the MSSQL table

Updating Data

Updating DateTime filed in MSSQL table

DateDiff: Date Difference

How to get difference in days or months or year between two date field.

Date Query Examples

Various examples to work with data query in MSSQL database.

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