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Basics Introduction to web programming, Concepts about web servers , LAMP, Installation and basics, XAMPP server, PHP installation details.
Variables, Loops, if -else condition checking, Logical statements.
Form handling, Session management, Arrays, String handling, Math, Basic Scripts, functions, Date function
Introduction to Data formats and handling by PHP. Json, XML
GD, Mail, Filters, PDF by FPDF, ctype
Basics of MySQL or SQLite, Connection using PDO, MySQLi,
Membership scripts, Singup pages, login pages, storing details in Database, Generating Forum , Newsletter script
Shopping Cart Script using Session Array
Installation of wordpress
PHP Tutorials


Basics Introduction, Platform to use, Libraries,Why Python,
Variables, Loops, Basic input outputs, Scope of variables, reserved words, functions, user defined function
Logical operators , comparision operators
If else, for loop, while loop, do while loop with conitnue, break and pass
String handling, Math module, File handling
List, Tuple, Set, Dictionary
Exception handling
Object Oriented programming. Class, Object , Method, Inheritance
PIL : Python Imaging Library, Drawing lines, circles, rectangles, text by using ImageDraw
Integrating with database to create bulk certificates, reports and gnerating images on the fly.
DatabaseMySQL or SQLite Connection, listing records, Applying query
Inserting records, Updating , deleting and basics of Data handling, Adding BLOB ( Binary Large Object) , handling error
Python Tutorials

Python & Data handling




DataFrame: The core data structure in Pandas, which represents a two-dimensional table of data with labeled axes (rows and columns).
Series: A one-dimensional labeled array capable of holding any data type. It is often used to represent a single column or row of data.

Importing / Exporting Data:

CSV and Excel: Functions for reading and writing data in CSV and Excel formats.
Clipboard: Functions to read and write data to the clipboard.
HTML: Functions to read and write data from HTML tables.
Clipboard: Functions to read and write data to the clipboard.

Creating Datafrom from json , pickle, SQL ( query ), tsv

Exporting Data: From DataFrame to csv,clipboard, Excel, html,json, pickle, SQL, string, dictionary

Data Cleaning and Preprocessing:

Missing Data: Functions to handle missing data, including detecting, removing, or filling missing values.
Data Transformation: Functions for data normalization, scaling, reshaping, and pivoting.
Data Filtering: Methods to filter and subset data based on specific conditions.

Data Exploration and Analysis:

Indexing and Selection: Techniques to select, slice, and index data in a DataFrame or Series.
Grouping and Aggregation: Capabilities to group data based on one or more variables and apply aggregation functions like sum, mean, count, etc.
Statistical Functions: Functions for statistical analysis, descriptive statistics, correlation, covariance, and more.
Merging, Joining, and Concatenating: Functions to combine multiple datasets based on common columns or indices.
Sorting and Ranking: Methods to sort data and assign ranks based on specific criteria.

Time Series and Dates:

Tools for working with time series data, including resampling, shifting, rolling window calculations, and more.

Data Visualization:

Pandas integrates well with other popular visualization libraries like Matplotlib and Seaborn to create visualizations such as line plots, bar plots, histograms, scatter plots, etc.
Creating analytics /dashboard using data from Database. Displaying Images ( BLOB)

Integrating with GUI

Create a DataFrame by using Tkinter GUI application by reading an Excel file, then transfer the DataFrame to different formats like CSV, Excel , HTML and store the same DataFrame in MySQL table.
Python Pandas Tutorials

NumpyInstallation and basics
Creating array , adding elements, methods, Math functions , random number generator,

Tkinter : The python GUI library

BsicsIntallation and basics of GUI, Widgets to use and events
Widgets , Button, Label, Entry, Text, Spinbox, Combobox, Progressbar, Toplevel, Radiobuttons, Checkbuttons,
Scale, Scrollbar,Filedialog, Canvas, Colorchooser, Treeview to show tabular data.
concept of string variable and configuration of widgets, dynamic creation of Widgets
Working with DateEntry, MinDate and MaxDate
Layout: Understanding of Grid, Pack & place
Handling Data: Storing user inputs in Database and displaying records in Tkitner window, Paging of records.
Projects using Tkinter. Inventory management, QR code generater, Restaurant Management

SQL : Structured Query Language

BasicsDatabase basics, Why database, Types of Database
Creating table, Column types,
Joining Tables, LEFT Join, Right Join, Inner Join
Math functions, String functions, date functions
Developing application using PHP, Python etc
SQL Tutorials


BasicsBasics, How to use
String, array, Math, window, history, functions, scripit within HTML
Handling form, validation
Appliacation development
JavaScript Tutorials


BasicsBasics, CDN, HTML elements and JQuery,
Managing HTML components using JQuery.
JQuery UI
Developing applications using JQuery
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