How to promote a student to the the next class if he clears his previous exams ?

I have created a school project in which students details are are submited and all entries belong to those students are submitted, at the end of yearly examination those student should be promoted to the next class for the new session, suppose in july 2013 a student was in fifth standard. in march, 2014 he cleared his exams and passed with any division. now tell me how to promote him to the next class for session 2014-2015 and so on....
please help (in php and mysql)
There are several ways to do this. First start with one student table , this should be the master table with each student having one unique student id.

Keep one exam table for each session or one column you can keep for session identification using a single table. In this table each record should have student id, session, class, subject , mark

You can keep a criteria for passing the exam and based on that the qualified records should go to another table saying student current class, or you can update the master student table with new class.

Should not be a big problem. Simple one. Try first with structure of the tables and then go for the scripts.

You can read this how sum of each student mark and percentage of mark is calculated

Let us know how you are planing for this.
Thanks again @smo1234, I will try this one !! yes of course I would share with you. where Should I tell or show you the final project?
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