Is it possible that IIS,Xampp that consist of Apache,Mysql, and PHP in 1 server

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Is it possible that IIS 6.0, Xampp 1.7.1 that consist of Apace,Mysql and php were in windows server 2003? to work a intranet website and the client can view my website with internet connection.

I will discuss the configuration that I done:
Firstly, In my windows server 2003 , it has IIS 6.0 installed, and I installed Xampp. I got the conflict in port between IIS and Apache, So i change my port in apache from 80 to 81. Then i click the admin beside the mysql in the xampp which the output is phpmyadmin webpage, but sad to say the output is The Page cannot be displayed. I don't know why it happens. I need phpmyadmin to store my database for my webpage.

Secondly, I uninstalled the IIS, so now I only have xampp and the phpmyadmin was work now. My problem is I don't how can i configure it, so that the user who are member in active directory can access my website by typing the url: http:\\ in their url bar. By the way I created DNS in ym server but the Active directory was on the other server.

Honestly, Before I work IIS,mysql 4,SQLYog,PHP, DNS and Active Directory in Windows Server 2003 to work my php website. i used forward lookup zone to access the user my website using the url: http:\\

Now I really don't know what configuration and what I need to used to run my website.

Thank you...
I don't have any experience on Xampp. This is how I work. I use three computers in a day. In all the three I have IIS, PHP, MySQL installed. All my PHP code is kept in a pen drive. In three computers IIS default web site is set to E drive ( E:\php_files\ ). I have four partitions and my pen drive became E or F in different computers, that does not matter as that computer IIS default web site is pointed to that.

I am using IIS as some time I work on ASP with MSSQL also.

All the installation have done manually. First I configure IIS , then add PHP and then add MySQL.

You can read IIS7 configuration here. In left menu of this page some more articles are there on its installation.
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