Area html tag for hyper links on images

<img src=map.jpg  usemap="#sections">

<map name="sections">
<area shape="circle" coords="62,39,25" href="my_area1.php"
 alt="Going to Area 1">
<area shape="rect" coords="213,36,378,93" href="my_area2.php"
 alt="Going to Area 2">
<area shape="poly" coords="255,224,320,224,321,200,255,224"
 href="my_area3.php" alt="to Area 3">

Clickable areas on an Image

We can link different areas of a image to different pages by creating hyper links on the Image sections. In this single interactive image below we have clickable regions where user can click the different areas and navigate to different sections of this site.

Move Mouse over the image
Check the source code below, we have added help text by using onMuousover and onMouseOut events. The cursor shape is changed by using style command.


<img src=images/map.jpg  usemap="#sections" style=cursor:crosshair;>

<map name="sections">
<area shape="circle" coords="62,39,25" href="../php_tutorial/site_map.php" alt="PHP  " target=_blank  onMouseOver="setVisibility('inline', 'On PHP, a circle  shape x1=62,y1=39,r=25');" 
  onMouseOut="setVisibility('none','Out of PHP');">
<area shape="rect" coords="213,36,378,93" href="../jquery/site_map.php" alt="JQUERY " target=_blank onMouseOver="setVisibility('inline', 'On JQuery, a rectangular shape x1=213,y1=36,x2=378,y2=93');"
 onMouseOut="setVisibility('none','Out of Jquery');">

<area shape="poly" coords="255,224,320,224,321,200,342,212,359,230,359,254,255,254,255,224" 
href="../sql_tutorial/site_map.php" alt="My SQL " target=_blank 
onMouseOver="setVisibility('inline', 'On MySQL, a poly  shape x1=255,y1=224,x2=320,y2=224,x3=321,y3=200,x4=342,y4=212,x5=359,y5=254,x6=255,y6=254,x7=255,y7=224');" 
onMouseOut="setVisibility('none','Out of MySQL');">

<area shape="poly" coords="8,203,15,282,39,290,65,282,71,203,8,203 " href="site_map.php" 
alt="HTML " target=_blank onMouseOver="setVisibility('inline', 'On HTML , a poly  shape x1=8,y1=203,x2=15,y2=282,x3=39,y3=290,x4=65,y4=282,x5=71,y5=203,x6=8,y6=203');" 
onMouseOut="setVisibility('none','Out of HTML');">
Check the JavaScript and Style code below for the above demo.

Attributes of <AREA>:

ALTA text to be displayed to browser when Image is not shown
COORDSA set of coordinates of the area on the image. The set value depens on the SHAPE attribute.
HREFURL of the document linked to
HREFLANGIf href tag is there then this specifies the language of the target.
NAMEIt can be refered by script or dom.
MEDIAAbout the linked resources
HREFLANGIf href tag is there then this specifies the language of the target.
SHAPErect|circle|poly|default: Based on this COORDS take set of values, for RECT it takes x1,y1,x2,y2,x3,y3,x4,y4. For CIRCLE it is x,y,r ( r is the radious from center at x, y ). For poly it is x1,y1,x2,y2... For default it is the full image.
TARGET_self|_blank|_parent|_top: How the linked document to open.
Let us try with this example.
<area shape='rect' cords='20,20,50,60'>
Here we have defined one rectangular shape with coordinates given in cords attribute.
We can add the target or href to the above tag like this
<area shape='rect' cords="20,20,50,60" href='mypage.php'>
The above area once clicked the mypage.php page will open We can also add one alternate text to the area tag like this.
<area shape='rect' cords="20,20,50,60" href='mypage.php'  alt='About my page'>
Area tag is used along with a <map> tag in creating clickable hyper links in an image.

JavaScript integrated for interaction

function setVisibility(visibility,msg) {
document.getElementById('sub').textContent  = msg;
To display the message we used one Div tag with id = 'sub'.
<div id="sub" class='display_box'>Move Mouse over the image</div>
The style associated with this div tag is here.
position: relative;
FONT-SIZE: 14px;
font-family: Verdana;
height: 150px;
background-color: #ffff00;
border: 2px solid red;
border-radius: 5px;
word-wrap: break-word;

HTML <MAP> Image Display


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