Analog Clock

Parts of this Clock ( with Source code )
DialOuter Dail with marks for minute and numbers showing hour
Second NeedleAdd Second hand to Dial
Minute NeedleAdd Minute needle moving along with second
Hour NeedleAdd Hour needle to Clock
Clock BorderAdd Border to our Clock
NumbersAdd Hour numbers to Clock
Clocksynchronize with your computer time
Clock SizeCan change the size of the Clock
StopWatchStart Stop and reset functions of the clock
Coordinates of a point on Arc with respect to Radious and center Some Improtant Variables to change the settings.

r=160 : Change the size of the Clock
speed=1000 : 1000 mill seconds is the actual speed of Clock , decreased to increase speed
arc_angle=10; angle of oppisite end of second niddle

Using JavaScript

There is no difference in basic code for this clock if you are using JavaScript. Here is one more demo of Clock by using JavaScript.

More on basic difference between JQuery & JavaScript while using Canvas


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    The java shows nothing. jquery shows canvas outline only ???

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