E-Mail Links(MailTo)

Unlike normal hyperlinking, E-mail links are used for special purpose. E-Mail links are also know as "MailTo" links. This type of linking is mainly used when byclicking on the link should cause the user's computer to open its default mailing program with the specified address instead of linking to a new page. This can be done like this:
<A href="mailto:EmailAddress"> ... </A>


Mailto Link Example -- This links opens the default mailing program in your computer with the To Address admin@sitename.com


<a href="mailto:admin@sitename.com" link="red" alink="green"
 vlink="maroon"> Hyperlink Example </a>
Note: We can also specify the default subject that has to be mailed.

For example,
Mailto Link with Subject -- This link opens the default mailing program in your computer with To Address admin@sitename.com and subject defaulted to "Hello"

Code is here
<a href="mailto:admin@sitename.com?subject=Hello" link="green" alink="red" vlink="maroon">Mailto Link with Subject</a>
Note: This subject property is not supported by all browsers or email programs. Browsers/Email programs that doesn't support the subject will just ignore it.


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