Checkbox in HTML form

<input type="checkbox" name="name" value="any_value" checked>

Checkboxes are objects of a HTML form which behaves like a toggle switch. i.e, a checkbox can be in one of the two states, either checked or unchecked.
From a group of checkboxs user can select multiple options.

Attributes of Checkbox Field:

NameSpecifies the name of the checkbox, through which it can be referenced.
valueValue of the checkbox . Each checkbox will have different values in a group.
CheckedCheckbox will be selected ( by default ) . In a group of buttons more than one can be selected.
Name: Specifies the name of the object through which it can be referenced.
Value: Specifies the value of the checkbox. This value will be returned if the checkbox is checked.
Checked:  If given, the checkbox will be checked by default else, it will not be checked. Don't add any single or double quote to this.


<input type="Checkbox" name="blue" value="yes" Checked>Blue
<input type="Checkbox" name="red" value="yes">Red
<input type="Checkbox" name="green" value="yes">Green
This will give the output like :

Favourite Color(s): Blue Red Green

We can keep more than one button selected or checked.

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