Nested Framesets

Nested frame, the term itself indicates Frame within a Frame. Framesets can be nested to any level.


<Frameset rows="30%,30%,*">  ------- > (1)
       <Frameset cols="50%,50%">   ------- > (2)
       <Frameset rows="50%,50%">   ------- > (3)
Deprecated : FRAME & FRAMESET tags are not supported in HTML5 ,
better to avoid.
Use <iframe> instead.


(1) - This divides the browser screen into 3 horizontal sections with respect to the screen resolution 30%, 30% and the remaining 40% (as * indicates remaining area)
(2) - This splits the first horizontal section into two vertical sections.
(3) - This splits the second horizontal section into two horizontal sections.



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