<U> Underline tag in HTML

WE can add underline to any part of the text by using <u> tag. Here is some sample code.
This is normal text and this part of the text is underlined , this is normal.
The above text is written like this.
This is normal text and <u>this part of the text is underlined</u> , this is normal
Please note that as a practice hyperlinks are underlined so by just adding underline we have to take care to differentiate from a link.

<u> tag is going to be deprecated so avoid using them. It is advisable to use CSS for underline text.

Using CSS

my_text {
   text-decoration: underline; 

<p> Plus2net.com is a site for <my_text>web programming</my_text> and learning SEO</p>
Using Inline Style
<p> Plus2net.com is a site for <span style="text-decoration: underline;">web programming</span> and learning SEO</p>
Output is here

Plus2net.com is a site for web programming and learning SEO

Using internal style with U underline tag

u { 
 font-size: 40px;


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