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PHP Array

array_map to apply function to elements of array

We need to reduce the value of all the elements of an array by half. Here we can easily use array_map function and change. This function applies any native PHP function or user defined function to each element of the array. This can be applied to multiple arrays.

array_map(function, array1,array2......);

The function can be native php function or user defined one, array1, array2 are arrays which will be passed to the function. Here number of arrays must be equal to number of parameters passed to array_map function. We will try some examples. Let us divide all elements of an array by 2

function array_adj($n){

The output of above code is here

Array ( [0] => 7.5 [1] => 6 [2] => 6.5 [3] => 12.5 [4] => 13.5 [5] => 18 [6] => 9 )

Let us add elements of two arrays , note that both arrays have equal number of elements

function array_add($p,$q){

The output is here

Array ( [0] => 25 [1] => 27 [2] => 25 [3] => 45 [4] => 57 [5] => 86 [6] => 58 )

We can use PHP native function also. Here is an example where we used string function strtoupper to change all lower case elements to upper case elements of an array.

$a=array('ab','cd','ef','gh'); $c=array_map("strtoupper",$a); print_r($c);

The output is here

Array ( [0] => AB [1] => CD [2] => EF [3] => GH )

We will use one user defined function array_add to add two each elements of two arrays. We have used strings here as elements.

function array_add($p,$q){

The output of above code is here.

Array ( [0] => abAB [1] => cdCD [2] => efEF [3] => ghGH )

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