PHP Math functions

Mathematics ( or math ) functions are frequently used in our scripts. There are PHP math functions to take care of addition subtraction multiplication and many other mathematical requirements.

We will discuss these math functions and try to develop some sample codes on these to further understand on how to use these functions.

Addition subtraction multiplication & Division

These simple scripts are easy to understand and develop. Let us try with some sample code using these basic mathematical functions. Read More

max() & min()

To get the maximum value between numbers we can use max() math function. Same way we can use min() minimum functions to get minimum value out of a set of numbers. Read More

Rounding off variable

We can round off a complex math variable with decimal places to nearest integer by using round() function. Read More

Generating Random Number

In any game or while generating passwords we use random number generators to give us random numbers. Read More

Formatting numbers

We can format numbers by specifying number of decimal places or use comma ( , ) to mark thousand places or use any other marks in our number formattingRead More

Next higher or lower number by using ceil & floor

What is the next higher number in hundredth place of 745 ? it is 800 by using ceil function. Same way 700 is the floor value of 745. Read More

Modulus or reminder of a division

We can get the modulus of two number by using modulus ( % ) function. Read More

Power exponential value of a number by pow

Getting exponential power of any number by using pow function

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