Finding total number of rows in a table

We can get the number of rows or records present in a table by using mysql_num_rows() function. This function is to be used along with mysql select query. We can add condition by using mysql where clause to the select query and get the conditional rows. This function is widely used in different php scripts and you can see the use of this function in PHP paging tutorial in our php tutorial section.

Please note that this can't be used along with update, delete, insert commands, for this mysql_affected_rows is to be used. You can use count command also to read the number of records. Here is the sample code for mysql_num_rows()
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$query = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM student");
echo "Total records in Student table= ". $number;

Download sql dump of this student table

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More on PHP MySQL functions
The result offered in the main article requires transferring all of the data from the table across the wire to PHP. A much less intensive approach to getting the number of records in a table is: $query = mysql_query("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM student"); list($number) = mysql_fetch_row($query); echo "Total records in Student table=$number";
Also, to be less intensive all you need to do is select a single column with the least amount of information such as the primary key column: $query = mysql_query("SELECT key FROM student"); $number = mysql_num_row($query); echo "Total records in Student table=".strval($number)
Looks like the ultimate efficient count would be "SELECT COUNT(key) FROM student" :)
prefer COUNT(key) AS Total
very useful site.
To Marcus: Little mistake - should be: mysql_num_rows not mysql_num_row
I used Tim's example. Very helpful. I took me forever to find a decent example.
Shreeram N Venkatesh04-08-2010
how could we see the table contents from a database using mysql in the dos prompt?
how to use the fetch_array in select statement?
Also, COUNT(key) is not the ultimate efficient count. That would be COUNT(*). The first count will require a table scan, but the second will not since it is taken from an already existing cache on the number of rows.
Akhlas Ahmad17-01-2014
Thanks. Such useful site. Bookmarked it.
When I use $query = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM books WERE ves=es"); I get "mysql_num_rows() is not valid MySQL result resource", how can I fix this?
Change the query part like this
"Select * FROM books WHERE ves='es' "

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