Reading JSON string & displaying records

Basics of Angular
Our sample student table database records are available here in JSON format. We will read the rows and display here.

{{ }}{{ }}{{ x.class }}{{ x.mark }}{{ x.gender }}
<div ng-app="my_app" ng-controller="studentCtrl">

  <tr ng-repeat="x in details">
    <td>{{ }}</td><td>{{ }}</td><td>{{ x.class }}</td><td>{{ x.mark }}</td>
	<td>{{ x.gender }}</td>


var app = angular.module('my_app', []);
app.controller('studentCtrl', function($scope, $http) {
  .then(function (response) {$scope.details =;});

Limiting rows by adding filter

We can display students of any perticular class by adding filters to this. Here is the change in code.
DEMO: Filtering Options
   <tr ng-repeat="x in details | filter :{'class':'Four'}">
    <td>{{ }}</td><td>{{ }}</td><td>{{ x.class }}</td><td>{{ x.mark }}</td>
	<td>{{ x.gender }}</td>
Basics of Angular Basics of Angular
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