Advantage of using ASP and where to use

ASP is a server side script and it can perform many backend processing jobs for a web site, same way it can't do many things particularly the client end operations as it has no control over the client end events or user controls. So there are many advantages and disadvantages of using ASP to manage web pages. We may not like to say disadvantages of ASP and it is better to say the limitation of any server side scripting language, as these limitations are faced by other scripting languages like PHP, JSP, Perl etc. We will try to understand where ASP can be used and where it should not be used.

Using server side scripting language like ASP we can manage the content of any page and such dynamic code ( or content ) for the web browsers can be generated based on various conditions we set in our ASP program. To a visitor the back end script or processing is of no use. They are more interested in design, content, speed etc. So there is no point in asking ASP engine to work when there is simple html content to be displayed at browser end. This will also improve the loading speed of the page. The user browser does not understand scripts we run at server. Brower understands JavaScript (if enabled), html, CSS etc. So what ever output we want to be send to the browser has to be written using these languages. So the task we want to be performed at client end can't be written at server end using ASP.

ASP engine finishes its job of processing the code and then send the codes to users browser. From this point on words till again the page request comes back to server, there is no control of ASP on the page. So we should not expect ASP to perform some tasks which are likely to happen at the client browser end. This will be clear when we discuss some of the task and where ( client or server side ) the task is to be completed and which script will take care of it. There are some tasks we can do at both the ends and the situation on which they are to be used we will try to discuss in next page.

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