Finding Today date and time and changing the format on location

In ASP using VBScript let us learn how to get present date, time in different formats. As we run ASP as a server side scripting process using VBScript as language, the time or date we will get is the time or date of the server. NOT THE LOCAL TIME OF THE CUMPUTER we are using to access the page. Local time can be found out by using client side JavaScript function for date and time. In ASP we will start with printing present ( today ) date. Here is the format.
Here d_today is the variable and it will store the value of Date. Here is the code to display the present date.

Dim d_today
Response.Write d_today
Output is :11-11-2010
To display the time along with the date we have to use Now.

Dim d_today
Response.Write d_today
Output is :11-11-2010 10:18:01
The code above will print todays date along with time Hour: Minute : Second.
To display only time we can use Time function.
Output is :10:33:38
We can change the date format displayed based on our requirement by using SetLocal function. Let us try to display date in UK English format. Here is the code.

Dim d_today,var_Locale
var_Locale = SetLocale(2057) ' UK
d_today=Now ' Along with time
Response.Write d_today
There is a list of LCID values for SetLocale for different countries listed at Microsoft site.

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