DateAdd function to add date and time

We can add date by using DateAdd function of VBScript using in ASP. We can add any type of value like day, month , year etc using DateAdd function. Here is the syntax for the DateAdd function.
DateAdd ( date_type, increment_by, date)
Here date_type is the type of date to be added. It can be month, year, Day, Hour, minute etc. Different values are available in a table at the end of this tutorial. The argument increment_by is the interval we want to add to the third argument date.

Here is the code explaining the use of DateAdd function.

Dim d_today,d_added
Response.Write "Today date is " & d_today & "<br>"
Response.Write "Add 5 Years " & d_added & "<br>"
In the above code we have added five years to the current date. By changing the value of date_type we can add month, days etc to the present date. Here is the code to add 6 months to today.
DateAdd function will not return any invalid date. Let us try with this example.
This line will return 2/29/2004,

Now let us change the year to 2003 and see the result
The output of above line is 3/1/2003
This way we can add different types of dates to an existing date & time.
Table for different date_type values
"ww"Week of the year

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