Code examples of C program

Swapping numbersusers to enter two data and then display them in reverse order
Average Float variables and average of two numbers
Highest number Highest of three numbers as entered by user
grade Finding exam Grade of mark entered using if else condition
tariff planFinal bill based on different range of consumption and adding surcharge
calculation Calculation of user entered numbers
percentage Mark Percentage Calculation
division Division of Mark
digits Digits in a number
Sum of NumbersSum of user entered numbers ( useing while loop )
Sum of digits Sum of Digits in a number
Armstrong numberList all armstrong numbers or check the number
prime numbers Prime numbers upto 100
multiplication tableMultiplication table using while loop
string patternsDifferent string patterns using for loop
Numbers 1 to 100Display numbers from 1 to 100 with line break at 10,20, 30 ..
Fibonacci Seriessequence of numbers where each member is sum of previous two numbers
factorialFactorial of an input number
factorsFactors of an input number
factors commonCommon Factors of two input numbers
Highest factorsHighest Common Factors of two input numbers
Matrix Matrix multiplication
PointersPractice Questions with solutions
ArrayPractice Questions with solutions
functionsPractice Questions with solutions


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