Content Writing guide

Your sample script should focus on a specific topic than a very generic one about any language.

At this stage we are not focused on common topics like Best use of Python, or on things like 5 best techniques for programmer, How to prepare for interviews. Avoid such articles on generic topics.

As we are focusing on helping programmers, you can write on specific topics.
For example : write on splitting of string by giving examples on how to use each available options while using the method.

You should start with basic definition, syntax , options and return value. Maintain similar format for all the articles.

Each option, condition should be followed by sample scripts and/or examples.

All your articles must be linked to each other.

You should be able to focus on the topic and be able to explain in full with samples or code snippets. Inside keep a section on How to use the method or any practical example will help the user in understanding the uses.

Focus on a particular area and finish by writing about all the related topics.
Users are expected to post questions and doubts at the end of the articles, you should be able to reply them.

As a policy we don’t allow any outward link pointing to any external site. At the end of the article we will display your Name , Photo and one ( internal link ) pointing to your list of articles.

There is no word limit for the articles

Each articles should achieve its purpose. It can be done by writing a small paragraph or by writing a long article. It depends on the area you are focusing. For better readability one long article can be broken into several small articles each focusing on one part of it.
Check this example.

Small article , this is a part of main article math functions.

Long article , with many sub articles

The article should not be already available at
Plagarism would be dealt with strictly.
How to check if topic is already available at ?

Search google using the keyword like this. pandas

This will search within the site for the keyword ( pandas )

Change the directory path for searching topics based on path.

Read this article
Category – A : Basic language code methods functions etc

Example :

Category – B : In details application with all options demo functionality

Example :

Category – C : Well researched article on application, covering full scope with all details.

Example :
To give line break use <BR>

To give subheading use para headings or use like this <2> sub heading </h2>, no need to give extra line break before or after using <h2> tags

To write code use like this , no need to add extra <br> tags to give line break here as these are inside <pre> tags

<pre><code>$name='My Name';

Use <i>for Italic</i>

Use <b>for bold</b>

Use <a href=page_name.php>Next page details</a> for linking
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