Introduction to HTML

Are you new to HTML ? This beginner's guide will help you to understand HTML and you can create your own web page using standard HTML tags.

Full form of HTML : Hyper Text Markup Language.

HTML is defined using the Standard Generalized Markup Language (referred to as SGML). It is a way of incorporating text, graphics, sounds and videos all in one document known as a Web Page. HTML is used to create web pages which a browser can understand.In general HTML is based on two concepts:


This provides a way to create a link between information of the same page as well as among different pages.

Markup Language:

Markup refers to the special tags that a part of the HTML document, which specify how the document content should be displayed (as we have seen before)

To Create HTML Page

You can write HTML using Notepad or any text editor.

  • No need to install any software
  • No need of any programming skill

You may be knowing other computer languages like C, C++, Basic, Foxpro etc and now one more language in this line is HTML. But there is a difference here, like other languages HTML is not a scripting language or a compiled code for the computers to execute. HTML mostly consist of tags which we will use in our text document for the web browser to understand. Let us discuss one simple example. We want some part of the following line to be written in bold letters and some part in Italic letters.

HTML is the language of the internet.
HTML basic tags and understanding of types structure meta with formatting & control of page layout

In your word processor software you can easily do this but please note that there has to be a standard way of doing this which can be easily understood by browser operating at different platforms. So one universal way of formatting the text is required here for easy understanding of browsers operating on across the platforms. So in HTML we will write the above line in this way.
HTML is the <b>language</b> of the <i>internet</i>
Here once this text is opened by the user browser it can understand the format and it display the text by taking care of the tags used. So the tags plays important role in formatting the text in an html document. The user browser interprets the tags and display in required format.

View Source of the html page

As the browsers display the text it gives an option to the user to view the source of the page or the text with tags. This feature is available by visiting View > Source at top menu in internet explorer and View > Page Source in Firefox browser. This way we can see the html formatted text of any site.

Let us try for your first html page now.

Open your note pad or any other text editor. Copy and paste the following code inside it.

<head> <title>(Type a title for your page here)</title> <META NAME="DESCRIPTION" CONTENT=" "> <META NAME="KEYWORDS" CONTENT=" "> </head>

<body > Hello <br> Welcome to </body>

Save this as test.htm. In Window Notepad take care that you enter the file name with quotes like this "test.htm". Open this file in your browser ( or just double click the file in your file explorer ) .
You will see a message like this
Welcome to
DEMO: Online tool to create your own Web Page with HTML tags
Note the line break between Hello and Welcome to We have used one line break tag <br> and browser has placed a line break after reading this line break tag. Now from the browser menu visit View > Source . You can see your original source code there.

Try to develop more such pages by using different tags.
Types of HTML tags Standard Layout of web pages
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