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Copy the code and save as .html or .htm file. Then open this file using any web browser.

Add Color or Style to your text

In the above code we have not added any style , now let us try to add background color , font color , layout etc to our <h1> tag. To add a style change the <H1> tag to this.
<H1 class='display'>Visit </H1>
Copy the Style properties and place them inside <head> tag. Open the page in browser and check. One sample code is here.
<title>(Type a title for your page here)</title>
.display {
color: #f0d422;
background-color: #00ff00;
text-align: left;

<h1 class='display'>Visit </h1>
"; $('#copy-input').val(final_str); $('#d').html(final_str); $("#d").css("background-color", "#f1f1f1"); } final(); /////////////////////// $('#t1').keyup(function(){ str1=$('#t1').val(); final(); }) ////////////// /////////////////////// $('#t2').keyup(function(){ str2=$('#t2').val(); final(); }) ////////////// /////////////////////// $('#t2k').keyup(function(){ str2k=$('#t2k').val(); final(); }) ////////////// /////////////////////// $('#t3').keyup(function(){ str3=$('#t3').val(); final(); }) ////////////// /////////////////////// $('#t4').keyup(function(){ str4=$('#t4').val(); final(); }) ////////////////////// $('#copy-button').tooltip(); // When the copy button is clicked, select the value of the text box, attempt // to execute the copy command, and trigger event to update tooltip message // to indicate whether the text was successfully copied. $('#copy-button').bind('click', function() { var input = document.querySelector('#copy-input'); input.setSelectionRange(0, input.value.length + 1); try { var success = document.execCommand('copy'); if (success) { $('#copy-button').trigger('copied', ['Copied!']); } else { $('#copy-button').trigger('copied', ['Copy with Ctrl-c']); } } catch (err) { $('#copy-button').trigger('copied', ['Copy with Ctrl-c']); } }); // Handler for updating the tooltip message. $('#copy-button').bind('copied', function(event, message) { $(this).attr('title', message) .tooltip('fixTitle') .tooltip('show') .attr('title', "Copy to Clipboard") .tooltip('fixTitle'); }); //////////////// }) basic questions on HTML



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