Mouse Cursor image change by using style sheet

We can change the appearance of mouse cursor depending on our requirement by using style sheet. We will try to declare locally the style of the cursor and based on that the cursor shape will change. This is required to give a better picture to our visitors. For example mouse over on a help link should change the cursor to help picture. If we are displaying a map for our visitors and wants our visitor to click any portion of the map to enlarge ( zoom ) it then it is better to use cross hair cursor. Here are some examples of different types of cursor and there style code to display them.

Move your mouse over the right side cell ( link ) to see the change in cursor shape.

<a href=# style=cursor:crosshair;>Crosshair</a>  Crosshair
<a href=# style=cursor:text;>text</a>  Text
<a href=# style=cursor:wait;>wait</a>  Wait
<a href=# style=cursor:move;>move</a>  Move
<a href=# style=cursor:help;>help</a>  Help
<a href=# style=cursor:default;>default</a>  Dafault
<a href=# style=cursor:hand;>hand</a>  hand


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