CSS: Cascading Style Sheets

You can format your text, links, backgrounds, tables, input fields etc by using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). This is very popular on the web and used by webmasters to manage the look and feel of the pages of their web site. The biggest advantage of using CSS is easy changing of style from a single location. Big web sites can change their look and feel of the pages and links by changing the CSS page only and in one location. This way thousand of pages can be changed at one stroke. We will learn step by step the different formats used in creating CSS pages.This site also uses CSS for all its formatting requirements. You can see the color of the links changes with mouse over, this is done by CSS and we will learn how to do this.
DEMO of font & background Colour Selection

Advantage of using CSS

CSS not only helps in easy maintenance but also helps in fast loading of page as browser loads the CSS page from cache.

Types of style sheet

We can have different types of style definitions. From user defined to browser default styles are there with different priority levels.

Links with out underlines

We can remove underlines from the links by managing the display style of the link.

Font style

We can manage fonts display style by using different types of style commands

Border Style

Types of border and managing width and colour of the border.

Body tag

We can manage the body tag by using our CSS

Header Tag

We can control the display of our H1 and other header tags by using CSS

Mouse over property of link

Color of a link can change when we place mouse over it. This is done by using CSS

Link CSS

We can control the display of a link by using CSS

Mouse cursor shape

We can change the shape of the mouse cursor by using CSS

Buttons with different Styles

Manging different style properties of buttons.
CSS code Generator
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