Datalist element in HTML 5

Datalist is added in HTML 5. This element is used inside a form to receive data from user.
  • It displays options for the users to select.
  • It is with auto complete feature helping users as they type in the text box
  • Unlike drop down list box or radio button user can write any text without limiting to options given by datalist.
  • Datalist is binded ( or linked ) by input element list attribute.
<input name="section" list="scripts" />

<datalist id="scripts"> <option value="PHP" /> <option value="JavaScript" /> <option value="ASP" /> <option value="Dot Net" /> <option value="Perl" /> <option value="JSP" /> </datalist>
Here is the demo of Datalist.

Datalist is a powerful tool for developers. Here are some of the applications.

Adding options to a Datalist by JavaScript

Adding options to a Datalist from MySQL table by using PHP and Ajax

Displaying Matching words by using Autocomplete while entering text JQuery UI

Datalist is not supported by Safari browser.
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How can i make to submit the form after selecting a option from datalist ??

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