<strike> Strike or <DEL> tag to strikethrough font in html code

Strikeout or strikethrough text can be displayed by using html <strike> tag. It is recommended to use <del> tag than using strike tag as del is supported in higher versions of html.
Here are some sample codes
This is normal text . This part is strikethrough. This part is normal
The code is here
This is normal text . <del>This part is strikethrough</del>. This part is normal
Better to use <del> in place of <strike> tag as it is Obsolete and not supported in HTML5.

Internal Style to create strikethtough font

<style>.strike_font { 
text-decoration: line-through;
We can add colour to our line through text
<style>.strike_font { 
text-decoration: line-through;
Read more on how to strikeout line of text by using JavaScript strike string object
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