lineDashOffset of dashed line on Canvas

offset with line length and gap for a dashed line

Read setLineDash

gctx.lineDashOffset = value;
lineDashOffset takes numeric value. We can set any value but practically the maximum offset is equal to sum of line length and line gap.

Example :
Line width = 5 ; Line gap =5
Now offset can have value 0, that is no offset or it can have any other value. If offset is set as 11 then it is same as offset value of 1. Similarly offset value of 13 is same as offset with value 3. Try the demo below

Drag the sliders to change offset , line length and line gap values.
void gctx.lineTo(x, y);
var my_canvas=$('#my_canvas').get(0)
var gctx = my_canvas.getContext("2d");
gctx.lineDashOffset = 5;
gctx.moveTo(0, 100);
gctx.lineTo(400, 100);


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