<DL> Definition Description List in html

 <DT>Item 1 or Name 1 </DT>
 <DD>Description of item 1</DD>
 <DT>Item 2 or Name 2 </DT>
 <DD>Description of item 2</DD>
 <DT>Item 3 or Name 3 </DT>
 <DD>Description of item 3</DD>
Definition Description List , One pair of tag is allowed.
Terms or Name List, Mulitple pairs allowed. Child of <DL>
Definition Description of <DT> Multiple pairs allowed. Child of <DT>
Definition lists marks its elements by indentation.

Single Term with multiple descriptions

 <DT>Item 1 or Name 1 </DT>
 <DD>Description No 1 of item 1</DD>
 <DD>Description No 2 of item 1</DD>
 <DD>Description No 3 of item 1</DD>

Multiple Term with single descriptions

 <DT>Item 1 or Name 1 </DT>
 <DT>Item 2 or Name 2 </DT>
 <DD>Description </DD>

Let us go for a practical use of definition list here.

How to reach my home town?
By Rail
Nearest railway station is 10 KM and station name is
By road
Well connected national highway passes through my home town
By Air
Nearest airport is at a distance of 60 KM and ..


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