Lists in HTML

Ordered List UnOrdered List Definition List
  1. First Item
  2. Second Item
  3. Third Item
  4. Fourth Item
  5. Fifth Item
  • First Item
  • Second Item
  • Third Item
  • Fourth Item
  • Fifth Item
Item 1 or Name 1
Description of item 1
Item 2 or Name 2
Description of item 2
Item 3 or Name 3
Description of item 3
We can create list in HTML by using tags. For a set of items or data to display we can present as a list of items than writing them as line text.


Let us try to display some steps involved in creating a website.
Buy a domain name
Develop pages
Buy hosting account
Upload and set up the site.
Similarly we can list out different types of Scripts used in creating a web site.
  • PHP
  • JSP
  • ASP
  • JavaScript
Now let us rank students according to their mark they got in examination.
  1. Ronald
  2. Rajiv
  3. Alex
  4. Smith
You have understood different types of list items required for displaying data or element to the visitor. For this purpose we have three types of List. HTML provides various elements for making lists. Some of them are

Ordered Lists

UnOrdered Lists

Definition Lists

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