<TextArea name='txtArea' rows="3" cols="50">Testarea Data</TextArea>

TextArea is mainly used when the user has to enter large amount of text.
NameThis attribute specifies the name of the object through which it can be referenced.
Autocomplete New in HTML5Values : off | on . Input element should have autocomplete .
autofocus New in HTML5Focus ( crusher inside ) the input textarea box by default .
colsInteger value specifying number of columns or width to be used for textbox
disabledtrue | false : User can't access the element and data is not submitted with form.
rowsInteger value specifying number of rows or number of visible line text, manage the height for textbox
wraphard | soft :text will not wrap and is submitted as it is entered by the user.
placeholder New in HTML5Hint , help or about the input requirment can be given to user.
maxlength New in HTML5Maximum number of chars can be entered inisde textarea. If not specified than unlimited number of chars can be entered.
minlength New in HTML5Minimum number of chars can be entered inisde textarea. If not specified than blank can be entered.
readonly true | false : User can't alter the data , user can click and select content, data submitted along with other elements of the form. Difference between readonly and disabled
If readonly is set to True , users can access the data by selecting and copying, but can't alter the data of the textarea . Data of the textarea is submitted along with other elements of the form.

If disabled is set to True, users can't access the data. This element is not submitted along with other data of the form
required New in HTML5true|false: User must enter text before submitting the form.
ID ID='my_textarea1': One unique identification (within the page or DOM structure ) for the textarea element.
form New in HTML5 ID: Textarea can be connected ( associated ) to any from identified by its ID, the element need not be inside the opening and closing tags of the form.

How textarea is managed by JQuery


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