JQuery Textarea

Textarea are used to collect more line of data from users.

Reading the data entered in textarea

Our textarea id=textarea_dtl, here is the code to read the value entered inside a text box.
var str=$('#textarea_dtl').val();
Here we stored the text box data in a variable str.
We can display the data entered by connecting it to a button click function.
HTML part
<textarea rows=2 cols=30 name=textarea_dtl id=textarea_dtl></textarea> <button name=b1 id=b1>Copy</button>   <div id=d1></div> 
$(document).ready(function() {
var str=$('#textarea_dtl').val();

Adding Bootstrap Design

We will add class='form-control' to our textarea.
<textarea class='form-control' rows=2  name=textarea_dtl id=textarea_dtl></textarea>

Setting the value of a textarea

We will use val() to update or add text to our textarea.
<textarea rows=2 cols=30 name=textarea_dtl2 id=textarea_dtl2 class='form-control'></textarea> <button name=b12 id=b12>Show Data</button>

$(document).ready(function() {
$("#textarea_dtl2").val('Default Data to be shown inside textarea');
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