Tables in HTML

HTML provides an important feature that enables us to arrange the layout of a web page. This can be done using <table> ... </table> <table> ... </table>   These tags are used to create a table which inturn includes some important tags which make up the table. i.e., <tr> ... </tr> , <td> ... </td>, <th> ... </th>, <tbody> ... </tbody> These tags will be ignored by the browser if they are not contained with in <table> ... </table> tags.

Attributes of table tag:


Used to specify the width of the border to be drawn around the table. By default its value is zero i.e, no border is drawn. align: Used to specify the alignment of the table in the web page. Possible values for this attribute are Left, Right and Center.

cell padding:

Used to specify the space between the cell's border and content.

cell spacing:

Used to specify the space between cells with in the table.


Used to specify the width of the table.


<table border=2 cellspacing=2 cellpadding=4 width=20% align=center> 
                  <td> Cell 1</td>
                  <td> Cell 2</td>
 Cell 1  Cell 2
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Standard Class for table style

There are different table styles available under bootstrap design which can be added to your table design. Read more on Bootstrap table design
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