How to open pages in a new window

We move from one page to other page of a web site by using hyper links or simply links. These links on clicking opens the new page in same window ( by default ) or same Tab in modern browsers. Links can have absolute URL or relative URL or the address of the page we want to move. To get the full details on different types of links visit hyper link page.

While designing hyper links we can create links to open the new page in a new window or new Tab. This way we can keep the existing window open with out disturbing the current page. In your website you may not like your visitors to click any external link and leave your site. So you can modify the link and tell the browser to open the external site in a new window. Here is a simple link
<a href=>new site</a>
To the above query we will add a new component saying target=new or target = blank. Like this
<a href= target='_new'>new site</a>
<a href= target='_blank'>new site</a>
Here are two links, one will open the html tutorial list in same page, and other will open the same page by opening a new window or new Tab in modern browsers.

Html list ( same window )  |  Html list ( in a new window )
HTML Form Hyper Link Textarea in form Checkbox in a form


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