HTML Basic questions

13 : HTML is a
Programming Language
Database software
Markup Language with Tags
Operating system

24 : The main containt of the page are kept inside
Inside Head section of the page
After closing html tag of the page
Inside body section of the page
Before the Head section of the page

25 : HTML tags are executed by
Remote Web Server
Operating system of client computer
By Proxy servers present in the network
By web browser of client computer

26 : Line break can be added in HTML pages by using

27 : How many pairs of BODY tags are kept inside a html page
one only
twn only
ten numbers
As many as required.

28 : Title tag is kept inside
body tag
head tag
before starting of the main content
before starting of html tag

29 : Which of the following tag is an Unpaired Tag
title <title>
bold <b>
body <body>
line break <br>

30 : Additional information about the page is kept
Before begining of html page
Inside body tags
At the end of the page after html tags
within head tag

31 : Which tag is used to draw horizontal line in HTML

32 : How many types of Headings does HTML use

33 : What is the file extension used for HTML files
.htm or .html

34 : Which of these is not a paired tag

35 : Which tag display text in Italic ?

36 : Which is the first tag used in a html document

37 : Which tag is mostly used for moving text



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