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Fetching records between two date ranges

We can collect records between two date fields of a table by using BETWEEN query. We can use this to get records between two years or between two month . We can combine all this and try for getting records between two date ranges.

Between two years

We will first start with displaying records between two years. Before that you can read on how to get year part from a date field. Now let us try to get records between year 2004 and 2005. Here is our query

SELECT * FROM `dt_tb` WHERE year( dt2 ) between 2004 and 2005

IN the above query dt2 is our date field and in the result both the years 2004 and 2005 will be included in our records.

Between two month ranges.

Now let us collect the records between two months. Note that if we are using only month in our between command then for any year the range of month we specified will be returned by the query. For example if we ask for records between Feb and Aug months then we will get records of between the month Feb and Aug for all the years. Here is the example.

SELECT * FROM `dt_tb` WHERE month(dt) between '02' and '08'

The above query will return us records of all the months between February and August of any year. We can specify the year also along with the months like this

SELECT * FROM `dt_tb` WHERE month(dt) between '02' and '08' and year(dt) between 2004 and 2005

There are more details on how to get the month part of any date field here.

Between two date ranges

Now let us move to select a range of records between two dates. Here is the sql for this

SELECT * FROM `dt_tb` WHERE dt BETWEEN '2005-01-01' AND '2005-12-31'

Generate Query by using dates from Calendar

Must Read How to get records between two ranges using between and DATE_SUB function.

Read demo of how date is used to collect records

Here is the code for SQl dump of the file to create your table for testing.

id int(2) NOT NULL auto_increment,
dt datetime NOT NULL default '0000-00-00 00:00:00',
dt2 date NOT NULL default '0000-00-00',
) ;

# Dumping data for table `dt_tb`

INSERT INTO dt_tb VALUES (1, '2004-10-26 00:00:00', '2005-01-25');
INSERT INTO dt_tb VALUES (2, '2004-05-05 23:56:25', '2005-06-12');
INSERT INTO dt_tb VALUES (3, '2005-12-08 13:20:10', '2005-06-06');
INSERT INTO dt_tb VALUES (4, '2003-05-26 00:00:00', '2007-12-18');
INSERT INTO dt_tb VALUES (5, '2007-12-18 00:00:00', '2003-08-16');


I need to retrieve the records which are between the 2 days(TWO dates are of two different fields)
I also need to get the records between dates! Is it any solution?
Naveen Ram24-09-2009
i want to select all the records which has date below 9/24/09.
for eg:
in datebase the records are
in that i want to select only 9/24/09 and below.
i write the query as
Select Date From DateTable Where Date <= '9/24/2009'.
i got result as
hi i need the query for display the dates between the two dates, and my condition is only between dates, no retrieving the data from the database.
Is there a way to write this SQL code better. cos ikeep getting an error:

SELECT qryViewExcesses.CIID, qryViewExcesses.CustomerName, qryViewExcesses.Industry, qryViewExcesses.RelationshipManager, qryViewExcesses.FirstDate, qryViewExcesses.DaysInExcess, qryViewExcesses.EndDate, qryViewExcesses.CCY, tbl_AllExcesses.[Date Of Report], tbl_AllExcesses.[EXCESS AMOUNT]
FROM tbl_AllExcesses RIGHT JOIN qryViewExcesses ON tbl_AllExcesses.[Customer ID] = qryViewExcesses.CIID
WHERE (((tbl_AllExcesses.[Date Of Report]) Between [qryViewExcesses].[FirstDate] And [qryViewExcesses].[EndDate]));
hi i need the query for display the dates between the two dates, and my condition is only between dates, no retrieving the data from the database.
SELECT * FROM Timesheet WHERE date BETWEEN '25/09/2009' and '07/10/2009' i didnt get any result regarding this.. pls help me to solve this problem
I need to find results of a sale date that are between sysdate and 4 days from sysdate. How can I do this?
You have to use CURDATE function, see the Must Read section at the top or visit this CURDATE

I want to display all the records between '2009-11-02' to '2009-11-05'. Using Between clause display dates from
but not 2009-11-05.
How can i get 2009-11-05 as well.

thank you.
I have two culumns date and amount. I want to find the sum between two given dates assuming table name is money.
@saintjab: Dats easy. use group by
"Select Date From DateTable Where Date <= '9/24/2009'"

use bettween..
Hi Anita,

Please use the follwoing statement:

SELECT * FROM Tablename WHERE dt BETWEEN '2009-11-02' AND '2009-11-06'

ankita bansal31-03-2010
create proc SP_Get_Result

@DateFrom nvarchar(50),
@DateTo nvarchar(50)

SELECT * FROM Timesheet WHERE date BETWEEN @DateFrom and @DateTo
i didnt get any result regarding this.. pls help me to solve this problem
Big Vern16-04-2010
I am looking to use the between dates action in Mysql, but want to use variables, so instead of

SELECT * FROM Tablename WHERE date BETWEEN '2009-11-02' AND '2009-11-06'

USing PHP I want to use

$datefrom = date('Y-m-d',strtotime(date1));
$dateto = date('Y-m-d',strtotime(date2));

to adapt the query to

SELECT * FROM Tablename WHERE date BETWEEN ".$datefrom." AND ".$dateto,""

I have tried this but it doesnt work, any ideas?
i have a table in oracle where one column is xmltype and one node in the xml is date i have to write a query which selects the data from this table but between a specific date range please help
I have a table in mysql where one column is date and another column is medical status( FIT/Repeat ).
How can I fetch the records by date and medical status. either FIT or Repeat
i have to select the first sunday,first tuesday from date 17-8-2010 to 17-9-2010
hey i am trying to use the:
SELECT * FROM Tablename WHERE date BETWEEN ".$datefrom." AND ".$dateto,""

too is there any ideas to dong this ive been trying for about 2 - 3 weeks
kamlesh makvana07-09-2010
i want to display a grap of data between two date
using between clause plz help me
This is Very Perfect Answer for this question
Dan Lubbs07-11-2012
... WHERE date BETWEEN [FromDate] and [ThruDate]. Example of a FromDate is 9/1/2012 and ThruDate is 10/30/2012. I want to prompt with a normal date style not 2012-09-01.
I got my need. Thank You
I want to know the difference in the two dates. I need perfect answer using asp.net pgm sir. thank you
how to generate a report in php mysql. online shopping website total stock and order information .
if i have not passed from date and to date then i want to display whole records...

hows it possible

Rajeev Bhatia30-10-2013
Hi Friends,

Please help me:

i have a table which has a field named 'rate' and i am using between query for selecting rates and displaying records but the problem is :- how do i pass the the selected dates from two comboboxes for this i need two variables what will be the query if i have to pass variables from c# coding.

Thank in advance

Swati Umakant Hingane01-04-2014
i have table lead and i want to search record between from_date and to_date but from_date and to_date not present in database

please help me........
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