Sample code for calculating average of numbers

We will ask users to enter two integers and then calculate the average by adding and then dividing the sum by 2. As we are likely to get decimal values as result so we will declare all our variables as float only. Here is the sample code.

#include <stdio.h>
int main(void){
float num1,num2,avg;

printf("Enter the first number ");
printf("Enter the second number ");
printf("Average of two numbers = %4.2f", avg);
return 0;

This code can be modified to include more integers for average value calculation.

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md raihan


Thank u so much.....for given us a simple code that complete my thank much..sir..

g v divyaklakshmi


thank u very much . its is very use full for us in right time
that guy


Thank you so much. it helps so much for my project. But there are still errors, can u help me with that?


how to find avg in simple method

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