JavaScript loop structure & basics

There are some common structure used in JavaScript for execution of code and checking various conditions and logics.

If Else

This is one of the frequently used conditions checking mechanism where the state is checked for true or false. Based on the condition code blocks are executed which are kept within the conditional blocks..

For Loops

Here we want to execute a code block repeatedly for a fixed number of times and by using one incremented variable and specifying how the variable will increase in each loop by specifying the step...

Do While Loop

How to use a do while loop and where it is required to use? We will also learn how to use a break statement inside the loop to exit the loop in some conditions...

Switch statement

If we know out of the several choice or options only one is likely to be true then there is no point in using many if else conditions. Switch statement we can use and evaluate different conditions and exit the code block once a condition is satisfied. Please note that how we use switch statement depends on various requirements and in most cases it used along with break statement and with an default condition. ..
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