avaScript string functions

JavaScript provides a variety of built-in functions to manipulate strings. Here are some commonly used string functions in JavaScript:
Properties Methods Description
String ObjectHow to declare a string object and use its properties with examples.
toUpperCaseWe can convert any text or string from Lower case to Upper Case text by using this function.
toLowerCaseConvert Upper case text to Lower case text
bold Bold function changes the font style to bold.
length count the total number of chars present including the blank space in a string
charat specify a location and get the character present their by using charat function.
concat add two or more strings by using concat function.
indexOf The first occurrence of a substring within the main string.
replace replace function to search and replace part of a string
reversing a stringcharat and length property to reverse a string
escape Before sending a string over network we can escape it.
search search function to search for a part of a string inside a main string.
slice to collect part of a string by saying start and length of the substring.
substringCollect part of a main string by using substring function.
userid and domain part userid and domain part of an email address by using different string functions.
onblur event Change the case of the text entered by using unblour event handler
link string object as link
substring ub string of a string with start and end points
fromcharcode From UTF-16 value to string
charcodeat Getting UTF-16 from a string

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