Array functions in JavaScript

Functions Description
Creating arrayCreating an array and adding elements
concatJoining two or more arrays
Listing elementsDisplaying all elements of an array by for loop
indexOf()Returning the position of search string inside array
join()Returning a string using all the elements of an array by adding delimiter
lengthTotal number of elements present inside an array
pop()Removing last element from the array
EmptyingRemoving all element of the array
push()Adding element to an array by push
reverse()Reversing the order of the element of an array
sort()Arranging elements of the array in alphabetical order
shift()Removing first element of the array
slice()Removing part of the elements of an array
splice()Adding or Removing elements from any location of an array
split()Creating array by breaking string using delimiter
tostring()Creating string by joining all elements of an array
unshift()Adding elements to an array
valueof()Getting the elements of array & displaying
two dimensionCreating and displaying elements of a two dimensional array
Applications Description
Add ElementsAdding user entered elements to Array
Delete ElementsAdding & Deleting user entered elements to Array

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