onKeyUp event is triggered once we release a key after pressing the same. Since this event is triggered at a latter stage so it can be used to copy text or many other activities.
Object.onKeyUp="execute function or code"
In an element
UnLike onkeypress event demo here all the chars will be copied immediately.
<title>Demo of on onkeyUp events in Javascript</title>
<script language=JavaScript>
function copy()

<form name=my_form method=post>
What ever you type here
<input  type=text id=t1 name=text onKeyUp=copy();> 
(Type minimum two chars)<br><br> will be copied to below textarea. <br>
<textarea id=t2   name=my_text rows=4 cols=30></textarea></form>
Onkeyup event is used to convert inches to cm ( and vice versa )
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