Javascript Add to favorite or book mark the link or url of the page

We store URL of sites by using my favorite or book mark feature. The URL of the site will be added to our favorite or bookmark links. We will use JavaScript function to do this. On clicking the link browser will open the window for conformation and adding the link to the list. Here is the function and below that the link to add the this site to your favorite list.

Replace your site url and title while using this code.
<!-- Begin
function bookmark()
bookmarkurl="";// replace your site URL
bookmarktitle=" PHP SQL and Javascript Source"; // replace this line with your site title
if (document.all)
else if (window.sidebar) // firefox
	window.sidebar.addPanel(bookmarktitle, bookmarkurl, "");
// End -->
The above function should go the head section of the page and the link can be placed inside the body section of the page. Here is the code to place the link asking the visitors to click the link and add to their favorite.
<div align="center">
<a href="javascript:bookmark()">Bookmark This Page</a>
DEMO : Bookmark a page
Window Object Bookmark a page Redirect Page
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