JavaScript Window Object

Method Description
AlertOpening an alert window with some message
BookMarkAdd to Favorite or Bookmark a link ( URL )
locationRedirecting browser to different page
ConfirmConfirm window to return TRUE of FALSE based on user action OK or CANCEL
Close windowClose a window
Open childOpen a child window with different prameters
Onload()Onload window event to trigger any function as soon as page opens
PromptGetting user entered data by a Prompt window
setInterval()Calling a function repeatedly in a time interval
clearInterval()Resetting the setInterval object
moveBy()Moving window from its current location
moveTo()Moving window To a fixed location
resizeTo()Resizeing window by changing height and width
blur()When we lost focus from a window
focus()Bringing focus to a window
closed()Knowing the window status : closed or not
favoriteAdding page to favorite ro bookmark
Status MsgDisplaying status bar message
Applications using various window and other objects in JavaScript
Application Description
StopwatchIncremental stopwatch by button control
RefreshingReloading parent window while updating child window
child parentPassing user entered data from child window to parent window
pop upDisplaying Popup window in JavaScript
conformationAsking user confirmation before deleting a record ( Are you sure ?)
Screen Object Description
Screen Width, height, colorDepth, pixelDepth of the user screen

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