Converting inches to cm and vice versa

Inches (In)
Inches to Cm conversion
Centimeters (Cm)

How this script works

When we enter any number at inches textbox ,we used onblur and onkeyup events to run the functions written to convert inches to cm in_to_cm().

Similarly when we enter any data at centimetre textbox, it fires the function written to convert CM to Inches cm_to_in() by using onblur and onkeyup events.

Inside the functions we used simple mathematical conversion formulas to arrive at the result and display the same using getElementById()
<script language=JavaScript>
function in_to_cm()
var v_in=document.getElementById("t_in").value;
var v_cm=v_in*2.54;

function cm_to_in()
var v_cm=document.getElementById("t_cm").value;
var v_in=v_cm*0.39370079;


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