JavaScript Math function

JavaScript has some good collection of Math functions to handle various requirements. These functions we can use inside our script based on the logic required. We can check a variable if it is a number or we can format a number or we can rounded off a number by using these Math function and can do much more than this. Here are some tutorials on handling math function.

Simple addition

We can add to numbers and display the result like this
var x=2+5
document.write(x); Output 7


var x =4-2
document.write(x); // Output 2


var x=4*9
document.write(x); Output 36


var x=12/7;
document.write(x);//Output 1.7142857142857142
To get the reminder of this division we have to use modulus.
Functions Description
ConstantsMath Constants used in JavaScript
random()Generating random numbers
round()Function to get rounded value of a number
IsNaN()function to check data : if number or not
NaNNot A Number as output
ceil() function to get just next higher integer
floor() function to get just highest lower integer
toFixed() function to format decimal places of a number
toPrecision()function to fix the places of a number
parseFloat()function to convert string to floating number
isInteger()Checking if input number is integer or not
parseInt()function to convert string to number
modulus %to get the reminder of a division
pow to get the power of an integer
max to get the highest integer from a set of number
abs to get the absolute value from any integer
sqrtto get square root of any number
sin()Math.Sin() to get sin of any angle in radian
log to get the log value of number
expto get E to the power of X
Math conversion from one base to other number system
Demo Scripts Description
CalculatorAdding two numbers as entered by user
Feet - MeterConverting feet data to meter and vice versa
Inches - CMConverting Inches to CM and vice versa
factorsFactors of an input number
fabonacciFabonacci Series by using input number
Prime numbersPrime Numbers upto an input number
FactorialFactorial of an input number
Check Prime Check if input number is prime or composite number

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