Checkbox & JavaScript

JavaScript Checkboxes Checkboxes are very common in webpage forms and is used where one more than one option is to be selected out of a given choice by visitors.

Radio button or Checkbox

The difference in check box and period button is the user can't select more than one option in case of period buttons. In checkbox the user can give more than one option. For example in a newsletter script you can ask the visitor to select their interested areas. Here the user can give one or more than one option as the area of interest. So all options are to be stored or covered for the user. This way we can get more than one option for a choice.

In a radio ( or period ) button, we can select one option out of several choices given to the user. In a check box we can select more than one.

You can read more about basics and design of checkboxes in our html section

We will discuss here various JavaScript controls for checkbox and its uses.
Element Functions Description
Checkbox validationEnsuring the checkbox is checked before submitting the form
Checkbox arrayUsing array to assign name to a group of checkbox
Disable checkboxUsing disabled property, enabling or disabling checkbox by using button
Disable textboxDisable or enable a text box through a checkbox
Number of checkboxRestricting the total number of checkbox to be selected by user
Uncheck and checkGroup of checkbox by a single click ( Check All or Un check all )

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