JavaScript drop down listbox

List box or drop down list box is very common in forms used in web pages. We can give option to visitor to select from a list by clicking and selecting one ( or more ) out of a pre defined list. So the advantage is visitor can't give any choice of its own.

You can read more on basics of drop down list box with style property in our html section.

We can add many JavaScript controls to list boxes by various properties and methods. We will develop some scripts which use these controls and give desired output. We will start with some basic script and then develop complex ones.
Element / Functions Description
Listbox ValidationEnsuring option is selected before submitting the form
Listbox disableEnable or disable a listbox by using disabled property through a radio button
onChange eventExecuting code when onChange event of a listbox is triggered
Adding optionDynamically adding option to a dropdown listbox
Removing OptionsRemoving options from a drop down listbox
Moving OptionsMoving or shifting options from one list box to another list box
dependent list boxThe options of second list box will change based on the selection of first list box by user
list box & databaseWe can populate list box by using data from a MySQL table.
Copy Listbox datacopying a set of form data to other fields along with list box data
Multiple SelectionRestricting number of user selections of a multi selection dropdown listbox
RedirectRedirecting page based on selection of Dropdown Listbox

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