toLowerCase(): Converting Uppercase letters to Lower case

var str="Welcome To Plus2net";
var a2 = str.toLowerCase();
document.write(a2);// welcome to plus2net
Full code is Here

<script language=JavaScript>
var str="Welcome To Plus2net";
var a2 = str.toLowerCase();



Enter text in Upper case or both
<script language=JavaScript>
function copy()
Enter text in Upper case or both <BR>
<input  type=text id=t1 name=text onKeyUp=copy();> 
Tutorial on onKeyUp() event handling

Here is the basic syntax for toLowerCase method.
var a2 = string.toLowerCase();

JavaScript String Reference Changing letters by toUpperCase() method
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    hey i have a difficultly that is i want to convert lowercase to uppercase and vice-verse without using tolowercase() or touppercase()..please help


    Thanks for the post. Is there a way I can convert to lower case without using the javascript method "toLowerCase()"? If there is, you post that. Thanks in advance

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