Converting Uppercase letters to Lower case in JavaScript

We have seen how to convert lower case letter to uppercase letter. Now we will learn how to convert upper case letters to lower case letters by using toLowerCase() functions in JavaScript. Here is the basic syntax for toLowerCase method.

var a2 = str.toLowerCase();

Here str is our string variable. The new string ( with lower case letters ) is stored in new variable a2.

Here is the sample code

var str="This is my 1st new Tuorial 123";
var a2 = str.toLowerCase();

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    hey i have a difficultly that is i want to convert lowercase to uppercase and vice-verse without using tolowercase() or touppercase()..please help


    Thanks for the post. Is there a way I can convert to lower case without using the javascript method "toLowerCase()"? If there is, you post that. Thanks in advance

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