Two Linked calendars to pass date value

We will display two calendars and user can click the dates to select 1st date ( From date or start date ) to 2nd date ( TO date or end date ).
Calendar will display all the dates but user can click or select date based on start date and end date.

Highlights of two cascading calendars selection

  • If Start date is selected then end date can be start date or date higher than that.
  • If End date is selected then start date can be end date or before date
  • If user changes the start date after selecting the end date then end date calendar should change the option based on selection of new start date.
  • If the user changes the end date after selecting start date then start date calendar should change the option base on selection of new end date.
  • This can be used in developing queries for database selection while displaying records with different start date and end date.
  • End date calendar should show the month of start date calendar ( if selected before )
Above features are added above the basic scripts which displays calendars in a layer and take the user input to a textbox. For better understanding read the following scripts before learning this.

Displaying calendar in a layer and passing date value to a input field
Displaying calendar with browse links to move to previous or next month ( or year) .
Displaying two calendars and passing respective date value to two input boxes.

Demo of two interlinked Calendars for FROM & TO date

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