Demo: Maturity date of a fixed deposit

Difference in days

Collect dates from calendars and find out the difference in days between them.

Maturity date of a fixed deposit

Create one drop down list showing number of years from one to 5 years. After selection the maturity date of the fixed deposit to be displayed after adding the duration to current date .

Current Month Calendar

Displaying calendar in a layer by clicking a button.

Copying Date from calendar

Getting date data of Calendar to text box

Calendar with month & year links

Calendar with links to display previous or Next month ( or year ).

Two interlinked Calendars used for START and END dates


Current time and date with refresh rate of 1 Second

Alarm Clock

Set the Alarm by using time picker

Stop Watch

Incremental counter showing time duration between start and stop

Day of the week

Getting day of the week from user entered date

Second Saturday of the month

Getting second saturday of the current month

Month Date & Year drop down list

Three dropdown lists with pre selection of current date

Delay in Process Time

Calculating process delay by using getTime()

Draw Analog Clcok on Canvas using Jquery or JavaScript.

Analog Clock using HTML Canvas

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